Video Of Truck Nearly Hitting Seattle Bicyclist Causes Stir

SEATTLE, WA - A Seattle bicyclist on Wednesday posted a scary video of a pickup truck nearly hitting him on purpose on a city street. The pickup driver appeared to be mad that the bicyclist was in the main roadway instead of the bike lane, so the pickup driver passed the biker, David Seater, dangerously close.

Seater recorded the incident from two cameras mounted on his bike. He entered the roadway to pass another bicyclist who was in the bike lane in front of him, he said. He posted the video via Twitter Thursday and asked Seattle police if he could report the incident as an attempted murder.

In the video, the pickup speeds up behind Seater and then pulls around him while honking the horn. Later, the pickup truck driver leans out his window and shouts, "That's what the pickup lane is for, dude!"

Through the department Twitter account, Seattle police said, "An officer would typically need to witness a violation in-progress to be able to stop the driver and confirm their ID to issue a citation." However, Seater's complaint has been forwarded on to the department's traffic enforcement division, the department said.

The video also attracted the attention of local bike activists, notably former mayor Mike McGinn, an attorney, who called what the pickup driver did "assault."

"Stuff like this isn't common, but happens way too often," McGinn said on Twitter. "Every commuter probably has a similar experience. I could tell you several."

There have been two serious accidents just this week involving bicyclists in the Seattle area. On Wednesday morning, a 14-year-old Shorewood High School student was hit by a semi truck driver along Aurora Avenue while he was biking to school. On Tuesday afternoon, a 61-year-old bicyclist was hit by a dump truck driver in Sodo; he was taken to Harborview with life-threatening injuries, police said. Neither the semi driver nor dump truck driver were impaired by drugs or alcohol.

In June, Doug Terrien was riding his bike along the shoulder in Puyallup when he was hit by a pickup truck. The crash put Terrien in a coma, and he eventually recovered, but police were never able to find the driver who hit him.

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