Letter: Trump and Putin and CNN, oh my!

OK, that’s it. I was trying to give President Trump the benefit of the doubt, but the evidence is piling up. First, a fashion expert said the sleeves on his suit jackets are too long. Then, when he leaves Washington, D.C., sometimes he stays at his own properties — OMG. His own properties. And, as if those weren’t enough to justify impeachment, CNN has reported that he had an undisclosed second meeting with “Vlad the Bad” at the G-20 conference. Breathtaking! He went to a dinner with the leaders of 20 industrialized nations, and talked with some of them. Scandal! Intrigue! What’s worse, the press photos of this undisclosed meeting show at least 40 other people in the room. How weird is that? An undisclosed secret meeting with 40 people in the room and pictures. That can only be the result of witchcraft. It’s so obvious. How did Anderson Cooper miss that? Oh, no. CNN’s falling under Trump’s sorcery. Yeah, that’s the ticket. He shows clearly supernatural powers, and CNN won’t call it what it is. Or, maybe Russian oligarchs have bought CNN as a gift for the president. Or is it censorship? This gets worse every hour. All is lost!

Source : http://www.columbian.com/news/2017/jul/24/letter-trump-and-putin-and-cnn-oh-my/

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