The Campers and Trailers of Overland Expo East

The Campers and Trailers of Overland Expo East

While there are loads of awesome vehicles and products at Overland Expo each year, few command as much attention as the campers and trailers scattered throughout the show. These capable platforms not only look cool, but have made overlanding more comfortable, and in many ways more accessible than ever before. They enable owners to park at the base of a mountain in a snow storm then sleep in a warm dry bed, drive across Africa in an air-conditioned and secure cab, or watch a storm roll outside while enjoying a hot coffee in their dinette. They are homes on wheels, gateways to adventure, and some of our favorite products to use and write about. Thus, we’ve taken the opportunity to give them their own article, “The Campers and Trailers of Expo East.” Let us know which is your favorite!

Two of the most popular campers at the event were produced by the German company Maltec. Based on both a 70 Series and 200 Series Land Cruiser, their camper conversions feature carbon fiber components, Scheel-mann seats, and a combination of off-road parts that ensure they’re ready for an adventure anywhere in the world. The 70 Series seen above is even U.S. importable, and has been updated with a new front end and interior. Look for an article on that truck in the coming weeks.

In other big news, Winnebago had their four-wheel drive Sprinter on display, a solid entrance for them into the overlanding space. This cool vehicle features a highly versatile interior including a bed which can be lowered or raised to the ceiling to allow for storage of bikes, kayaks, or other equipment. Learn more about it here.

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