City school board OKs superintendent's contract

THOMASVILLE — The Thomasville City Board of Education unanimously renewed Superintendent of Thomasville City Schools Sabrina Boykins-Everett’s contract at its March meeting on Tuesday.

It is a three-year contract — July 1 until June 30, 2013 — but is subject to annual review, board staff explained Wednesday. The salary is $136,278.67 with supplemental life insurance, retirement and health benefits contributions.

There was a three-percent increase in the local supplement portion of the salary, but not the superintendent’s entire salary, Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services Dusty Kornegay said.

“The expiring contract provided for a three-percent increase in the local portion of her salary each year that she receives a satisfactory evaluation, so the three-percent increase granted between contracts is actually just a continuation of a provision in the existing contract,” he said.

Boykins-Everett has participated in all furlough days given to teachers, plus all furlough days given to 12-month employees, Kornegay said.

“The furlough reductions are greater than the scheduled increase in the supplement portion of her salary, so like all system employees, the superintendent saw a net reduction in salary this year and that will be the case again next year if educators continue to be furloughed as we anticipate,” he explained.

“In short, salary deductions due to anticipated furlough days are likely to more than offset the three percent increase in her supplement.”

Boykins-Everett became superintendent in 2004 and, since that time, she has worked on a variety of projects within the school system.

Some of the system’s accomplishments she’s most proud of during her tenure include increased collaboration with community agencies, additions and renovations at all elementary schools, renovations at Thomasville High School and MacIntyre Park Middle School, qualification for district-wide accreditation in January until 2015, the launch of the Thomasville City Scholars Academy, all schools making Adequate Yearly Progress last year and downsizing and streamlining administrative staff “to place greater emphasis on classroom teaching.”

She looks forward to May when the Scholars Academy and Thomas University will “jointly graduate its first cohort of students to simultaneously receive a high school diploma and an associate of arts degree from the university.”

“She’s doing a great job,” board member Darrell Allen said Wednesday. “System enrollment is growing, our kids are excelling in the classroom, we’ve had good upgrades on our facilities and she is helping to steer us through tough economic times. I felt she definitely deserved another contract.”

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