Internet Truckstop Unites with MercuryGate

NEW PLYMOUTH, Idaho--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Internet Truckstop, the largest web-based freight matching service in the transportation industry, will be fully integrated with MercuryGate's Transportation Management System on October 5, 2012.

Internet Truckstop has worked with MercuryGate for years, integrating with Internet Truckstop flagship products such as searching and posting loads. Soon, MercuryGate customers will have the ability to use Internet Truckstop's latest decision support tools, including CACCI, a unique product that includes: Carrier Performance Reporting (CPR), Authority History, CSA/ score analysis, Carrier Directory, and Cargo/ Liability Insurance Monitoring. Another tool that will be part of the October 2012 integration will be RateMate. These Internet Truckstop tools can be accessed through MercuryGate's own carrier management system, Carma.

CACCI, a tool that offers a five in one service. The CPR portion includes an A-F carrier rating scale and monitors changes to the carrier's CPR Rating. It allows access to and reporting of carrier complaints, compliments and rebuttals. The carrier Authority portion is current status and history reports up to five years. The CSA Rating is included in this tool along with Internet Truckstop rankings, carrier status and history with cargo and crash indicators. Carrier Directory provides a complete carrier profile. Last, the availability to monitor cargo and liability insurance coverage and view certificates rounds out this amazing product.

RateMate, which provides a daily accumulation of U.S. and Canadian lane-rate information and paid freight rate information submitted by Internet Truckstop dry van, refrigerated and flatbed customers, will be available within MercuryGate’s Transportation Management System. MercuryGate’s customers will have easy access from within the TMS to view Internet Truckstop’s valuable historical rate information by lane and equipment type to get a better understanding of spot market rates for a particular load.

The service within MercuryGate will allow the user to simply select a menu option from an individual load and enable quick decision making with the information provided by Internet Truckstop. Please contact Gary Martinez with any questions regarding integration with Internet Truckstop at 800-203-2540 ext. 6300

About Internet Truckstop

Founded in 1995, Internet Truckstop is the first and largest freight matching service on the web. Internet Truckstop offers more tools than any other freight matching service available. These easy-to-use tools, the largest freight database, and a commitment to the transportation industry make Internet Truckstop the leader in Internet freight matching.

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