Mom Prom set for Saturday

Mom Prom set for Saturday

From left, Joni Ricketts, Ashly Lancaster and Jessica Arrington enjoy their night out at a prior mom prom event.

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A night out for moms will benefit two local charities on Saturday.

Saturday evening B-Dazzle Productions will host a Mom Prom Ladies Night Out at Riverside Farm, which is located at 2638 Riverside Drive.

The event is a ladies-only affair and will include a D.J., provided by B-Dazzle Productions, live bands, dancing, sweets, snacks, spirits and much more. The event begins at 8 p.m. and will wrap up at midnight.

According to Blanton Youell, also known as D.J. B-Dazzle, all proceeds from the event will benefit Helping Hands of Surry County and the Surry County Chapter of the N.C. Autism Society.

“I sought out charities which will help our neighbors — which will keep the money close to home,” explained Youell.

Youell said there will be something for everybody at Saturday’s event. He will play music by the decade, by the hour, beginning with ’80s music at 8 p.m.

He noted the large farm will allow multiple activities to occur at the same time. Gypsy Laurel, a folk, rock and roll, Americana and country band, and The Ceilidh Band, a contemporary Celtic band, will also be performing. There will be karaoke opportunities and games and trivia.

He added a large outdoor tent will house many of the night’s activities.

For those who aren’t ready to hit the dance floor, Youell said there will be other activities on the farm such as a fire pit and hay rides.

Food vendors will be at the event, and Mayberry Spirits and Sanders Ridge Vineyards will serve drinks.

Youell said ladies who attend will be surprised at the long list of craft cocktails Mayberry Spirits will offer using the whiskey the company makes in Mount Airy.

The night should accommodate ladies of all ages and with many different interests, said Youell, in an environment — without men — which fosters fun.

“We want women to feel like they can cut loose,” explained Youell. “The event will offer an atmosphere in which ladies can have a good time.”

In order to help ladies let their hair down and have a good time, Youell is encouraging those who attend to wear an old prom dress or bride’s maid dress to the event, the suggested dress code is not mandated.

However, Youell said those thinking about attending should not overlook the charitable cause. Everything at the Mom Prom will aid the two organizations in their missions. Portions of proceeds from food and drinks sold will be donated to the charities as well as the proceeds from ticket sales.

He said that means those who attend should have as much fun as they can, as it’s all for a good cause.

“The more they enjoy the night, the more they help these charities,” said Youell.

Advance tickets for Saturday’s mom prom are available through Friday and are $15 per ticket. One may reserve a ticket by messaging B-Dazzle Productions through the company’s Facebook page or purchase a ticket by reaching out to one of the two charities.

Tickets sold on Saturday will cost $25.

While Youell said he hopes to have at least 100 ladies at the event, the venue can accommodate 200 or more folks.

“The more, the merrier,” said Youell in encouraging ladies to turn out for the event.

From left, Joni Ricketts, Ashly Lancaster and Jessica Arrington enjoy their night out at a prior mom prom event.

Andy is a staff writer and may be reached at 415-4698.

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