Houston-Based Gang Members Charged For Roles In Multi-State Car-Theft Ring

A grand jury in Las Vegas has indicted 16 gang members and their accomplices, all of who are accused of the theft of rental cars in six states. The defendants are believed to be members of the Yung Money and Yung Gunz Bloods street gangs and reside in either Houston or Missouri City.

According to the United States Attorney's Office for the District of Nevada, the gang stole the cars from locations in Nevada, California, Texas, Tennessee, Arizona, and Florida and transported them across state lines to be sold.

The gang members are accused of creating fake paperwork for the cars and placing ads for them on Craigslist. They also, according to the attorney's office, bragged about their exploits on social media. Arrests were made in Houston and Atlanta.

All of the defendants were indicted last week on 13 counts of conspiracy to commit the transport of stolen vehicles and wire fraud, transportation of stolen vehicles, and sale or receipt of stolen vehicles. If convicted, each faces a maximum of five years in prison for the conspiracy charges; a maximum of 10 years for the transportation and sale or receipt charges; and 20 years maximum for wire fraud.

The defendants have been identified as Channing "Bhano" Williams, 27; Everly James, 27; Korregan Washington, 28; Keenan St. Hillaire, 26; Maurice "Lew" Lewis, 22; Kaleb "Kay Lou" Louis, 23; Cody "Codeen" Williams Jackson, 18; Torren "Tee James" James, 25; Dominique "D. Wash" Washington, 24; Demani Dancy, 21; Trevionne Williams, 21; Casey Walters Jr., 25; Keith "Daze" Bell, 24; Denzel Campbell, 26; Trevaughn "Lil Tre" James, 21, and Daniel Wilson, 24.

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Source : https://patch.com/texas/midtownhouston/houston-based-gang-members-charged-roles-multi-state-car-theft-ring

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