Holbrook H17 on Houston Craigslist

I have a Holbrook h-15 (same but smaller) and have owned and resold another. These are "super-premium" machines, Tony Griffiths told me they were as expensive and fine a lathe as was ever produced in England. Additionally, they are one of the few lathes made with full way covers (all lathes should have these) so, if they kept it oiled, it may have less way wear than other similarly used lathes. Very rigid, and Very Accurate.........whatever you put on the dial comes off the material!
Oh, and it may have the metric threading feature which actuates with levers, no change gears needed....check closely, though as this one does not appear to have lead screw reverse which makes sense on a lathe that is set up for metric threading.

No connection to seller, I just love these lathes.
Thanks, Brett

Source : http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/machinery-for-sale-or-wanted/holbrook-h17-houston-craigslist-146712/

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