Google's New Ad Blocking Tool Aims to Filter Annoying Ads

Google's New Ad Blocking Tool Aims to Filter Annoying Ads

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6/5/2017 12:05AM      Google is set to roll out a new ad-blocking tool expected to prevent all ads from appearing on websites that are deemed to provide a bad advertising experience for users. The Wall Street Journal's Jack Marshall has the details. Show Transcript This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.our online ads trading Ewing St St and the D tells on Google's new and blocking told it could improve your and consuming experience this ... three ... the Wall Street Journal ... this is the law Street Journal's tech news briefing reporting continues to a new account I knew the stats suitable has officially told publishers it will give them at least six months to prepare for for a new ad blocking call ... the company will introduce this new tool its Chrome web browser next year they've opted to college at filtering up blocker for ads that annoy users joining us now with more is the law Street Journal's Jack Marshall also host of the media next podcast ... thanks so cooking lean over into will be something that potentially tempers ads on sites that provide decent that advertising experience for users to look ... back that up just a tad what constitutes a bad advertising experience with these companies learned about what users hate the most about adds an end and that too much on yet so I think you just thinking about your iron into an experience I think everybody has sort of an idea of adds that the fund critique really ... annoying ... for some who adds that was meant to keep a wee sound I think a lot of people fun for us to everything I'm ... I'm passes soda pop up and and public on Sunday that run every intrinsic role in then you're like what's going on here that age groups in the in Epping stuff lying around and so I think those are the types of ads that I aam a lot of publishes ... have started to realize that unit perhaps ten consumers often ... and it sort of counterproductive to to whatever size of many of Trian Trenton she ... say yes to do was plan is to so to be implemented what it's going to fail to ... within its crime where brows as opposed to block or let's say as a Pez who broke I mean this is sort of semantic to denigrate ... to filter as he has to grow some aunts so yes it is to so to weed out some of the ads that I aam consumers find some that secure the egregious so as far as it is concerned it's looking to that is an industry on a cold conditions the best advertising at that ... which is conducted series said to so to rise to confusion sets in and formats ... United ... had teams sort of unacceptable in it's it's that sense that initially at least ... it is going to see if we don't know if it can seem as web experiences could this possibly also be the result of the rise of the ad blockers it seems like a lot more people use and East isn't more than in the past modern if that might factor in Google's thinking here have seen it yet so it's it's a complicated it seems counterintuitive to the degree because yields ... business of the sea ... the United tribes and as Craig Athos measures to the advertising the ... as the revenue they can regenerate sister emphasizing that yet ... again I think ... on on publishes its own of which found some of the founders of the debate to thaw in some instances and have begun to ten consumers off ... say you have to seam is instilling Apple is ... two weeks of C Bad news focal publishes and to do which helps the seven songs as websites ... say yet to the degree I think this is sort of in a defensive measure ... um I think the thinking is if we can just sort of plein PL some of the ... more egregious of spammy and tactics them ... ultimately consumers would feel the need to instill the broker high and ... sell United some advertising is better than the two thousand in others act as twenty two for publishers as well the case you know blocking as the consumers he also threatened some substantial cash for publishers is their concern amongcompanies on that front ... yet so I think of it is a subtle wake seem to see how this pans out ... aam ... but I think a ... lot of them are hoping to ... move ... it again the idea being to ... send websites that perhaps more aggressive with this than on this and ... I'm so publishes who consider themselves so that once the ... premium end of the spectrum whatever that means ... so to say hey next issue that impacts us anyway it's out ... yet it's the guys further down so that the the spectrum that a ... more aggressive in some of its top seller ... I think a lot of major publishes the brand publishes a aam will welcome this pic is ... in theory it should mean more ad dollars to to get around to re ... to the next set of aggressive tactics that will Gugle be helping publishers preparing break the system in before and ... yesterday was releasing its former ... which publishes food we'll see you set it between now and then the next year which will give them a break down the ... this overlay Tina Fey website in terms of ... unit how many violations it hasn't and isn't out for months ... the idea being that ... the Yankees so desperate that publishes before they switch on a sand filter ... as to so to get this sites into shape all very nice scenic gives them some information about ... what they're doing ... that which may impact them were speaking to the law Street Journal's Jack Marshall about Google's new and told us into the law Street Journal's tech news briefing ... take for joining us ... so this sad filtering slashed blocking truly is a start but does Google have any of the things cooking anything else up its sleeve and welfare PTTEP focus on perfecting this tricky ... on line admission in how REITs ... yet again you know it's a difficult don't speak to because they come to DC in between a lot of different constituents on the one hand they have to see him as they you know they sell cell phones they have to cram web browser ... say they have to keep consumers happy ... on the other side they weapons publishes the hell place ... ads on across the future as publisher website sending me to so to consider the interests of publishers ... and of course they have there and business interests which is aam units a set of help ... this is a disaster and to take the combat revenue ... I'm sorry I mean I think you see a lot of different tests and amount of ... different things that they would do to sort of ... do's and don'ts and Trumbull a fun on between all those dip in interest Jack Marshall thinks church jump into them or to view SJ dot com wrapping up the tech news briefing on Tonya priestess reporting from the newsroom in York thanks for listening ... make sure to check out the future and everything podcast because the future is closer than you think all new at the Senate's each Friday in gin The Wall Street Journal listen and viciously ...

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