10 things I hate about iPhone X

10 things I hate about iPhone X

iPhone X is the best smartphone Apple ever made. It could be the best smartphone released in 2017. Like its rivals and every iPhone that came before it, however, it’s imperfect.

As much as I love using mine, certain things drive me crazy almost every day — and no, the “notch” isn’t one of them. Here are 10 things I hate about iPhone X.

iPhone X annoyances

Some of these irritations stem from the iPhone X’s hardware, which is set in stone. But Apple could fix some of the other iPhone X annoyances with software tweaks.

Let’s start with the physical.

iPhone X is too slippery

Hoco’s silicone case adds plenty of grip, and it’s cheaper than Apple’s.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of MacUnless I’m reviewing a case, I like to use my iPhone naked. But that’s not possible with the iPhone X, because it’s too damn slippery. Its curved glass panels, coupled with its size and weight, mean it’s nearly impossible to go a week without dropping the iPhone X. And if you don’t drop it, it will surely slide off something or slip out of your pocket. You need a decent iPhone X case for grip and protection. (Here’s our list of the best iPhone X cases around.) Apple used steel to reinforce the iPhone X glass this year, but drop tests prove that doesn’t make a massive difference when it comes to durability. The iPhone X is so fragile that Consumer Reports recommends you buy an older model instead — or an Android-powered rival. I don’t remember the iPhone 4 being this slippery. Perhaps that’s because it was significantly smaller and lighter than iPhone X, making it easier to hold onto. iPhone X scratches easily If you don’t need a case for grip, you definitely need one to protect the iPhone X’s stainless steel frame. It scratches incredibly easily, at least on the silver model I have. It seems just as susceptible to scratching as the metal bezel around the iPhone 3G and the chamfered edge on the iPhone 5. iPhone X scuffs easily.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of MacI have no idea how my iPhone X picked up so many scuffs. I’ve been using a case since day one. I already had a bunch waiting for launch day, and soon after setting up my iPhone X for the first time, I put one on. I’ve used three different cases so far.

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