Accidental Wes Anderson is the most impeccable corner of Reddit you’re yet to discover

There’s just something about that Wes Anderson aesthetic. Is it the palettes the director chooses? Is it the impeccable symmetry he always seems to find? Whatever it is, it’s completely addictive and it’s no surprise the director has the world hanging on each new feature he releases.

The intrepid, anonymous minds of Reddit have seemingly caught onto Anderson’s fandom, in their own special way of course. Introducing Accidental Wes Anderson, a rapidly growing subreddit dedicated to sharing Anderson-esque locations and characters found in the wild.

Photo: Oliver Wainwright

Get lost in candid symmetry and colour coordination with Accidental Wes Anderson, one of the most satisfying locales on the web.

Whether it’s the hospitable interiors of The Grand Budapest Hotel or the sweeping landscapes you find in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, it’s pretty amazing how these seemingly random locations can capture an aesthetic that’s so considered in Anderson’s actual works.

Honestly, I was half expecting Owen Wilson to pop up in one of these shots with a slurred “oh wooow”.

Check out a few of our favourites below. We’ve provided some background on the pictures where we could.

Hotel Belvédère near the Rhône Glacier, Switzerland

Hotel in Petra, Jordan

Portmeirion, North Wales

View of the Grand Harbour, Valletta

Ballajá Barracks, Puerto Rico

Via i-D / Reddit

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