79-year-old woman found slain in Houston-area home

HEDWIG VILLAGE, Texas (AP) - Authorities in a small Houston-area city say a 79-year-old woman was found slain inside her home.

HEDWIG VILLAGE police say Janeil Bernard's maid found her body after arriving at the home Monday afternoon. Police wouldn't comment on Bernard's suspected cause of death, but did confirm foul play.

Sgt. Marvin Collins says, "The homeowner had been brutally murdered."

Authorities say the woman's wallet and car were missing. HEDWIG VILLAGE police say police in Houston later located the vehicle.

Bernard, who lives alone, was last heard from Sunday afternoon.

Source : http://www.ktxs.com/news/texas/79yearold-woman-found-slain-in-houstonarea-home/574975901

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