600 Wilcrest Drive Houston, TX 77042

New Weakening in Contracts for Houston Real Estate Market Published on 7/23/2017

The Houston market saw sales remain consistent with one home sold over the last 30 days and is also under an identifiable downward trend in the number of contracts closing, with this week's number fal...&nbspRead More »

New Increase in Home Sales for Houston Real Estate Market Published on 7/16/2017

Over the last 30 days, a solid upward sales trend continued in the Houston market, even as sales fell to one this week. All indications show that the trend may be coming to an end, meaning less sales...&nbspRead More »

The number of homes coming into the Houston market fell to five listings over the last 30 days, while sales remained right where they were as once again two homes were sold over the same period. The m...&nbspRead More »

Source : https://www.homesnap.com/TX/Houston/600-Wilcrest-Drive

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